Our house has turned into the weekend, camp out house for all the boys in the area.  As much as I'd like to complain about this, I'm not going to.  It's nice to know where my son is and what he is doing.  Actually, he's never been a problem.  Now, when my daughter is a bit older... the story will be different!     this weekend, i was completely lazy and spent the weekend in t-shirts and boxers.  I was informed by my son, last night, that "you need to start dressing better around my friends".   haha, yeah, right...
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5 Responses Jan 28, 2008

i disagree... sweaty teenage boys are creepy. now, when you bring the college boys around... diff story. haha joking, sorta

AAhhh! The voice of experience!

ha ha<br />
<br />
Regardless of whether it's true or not, I bet you'll wear more clothes. :)<br />
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Teenage boys are teenage boys.

no! ick and ewhhh!

Is that because he caught his friends staring at fifimomma?<br />
<br />
Teenage boys have a tough time dealing with friends drooling over a fifimomma.