How Can You Tell?

I wear age appropriate clothing. I can't see What Not to Wear rolling up on me. AFter 35 no micro-minis (no problem particularly with the size of my thighs). Despite knowing I am a MILF I don't try to seduce the teenage boys that come around my daughter and her twin cousins. Despite my oldest daughter hasn't lived with me for two years now I try to get others with influence to remind her not to dress dowdy simple because she has always been self-conscious about her body and now that she is a 38DD even more so.

Shiva and I are going white water rafting. We are gonna do henna tattooos. We want to go parasailing and jet skiing. Horseback Riding. Boogie Boarding. Snow Boarding. Body Surfing. Shiva is 5. But she has the heart of an adventurer as I myself have. I encourage her to fully explore her options: she says she wants to be a Doctor, but she loves dancing and music as well. We dance together. Yes I've let her watch some scary movies with me. We watch cartoons together and review the dialogue. While she is encouraged to express her individuality, I don't want her to feel foolish going outside meeting new people and not at her best. Kids can be SO cruel. I'm no soccer mom I'm a rebel mom
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I'm a rebel mum to. Cheers to all the rebels. The way i have brought my kids up is completely different to the way i was brought up. My kids have allways had a voice. A voice that i have allways listened to. I am still the boss but they have a say. Keep on keeping on all you rebels.......believe me it actually works. I have 3 beautiful children that are grown and very individual people. I don;t like their choices or their lifestyles very much but they know what they r doing and they take responsibility for themselves. Most of all, they r happy, well adjusted people. What more could i ask for?

One couldn't ask for more.