I would like to think that I am a "cool" Mom. I have noticed in the last few days since reading a particular book that spoke of approaching my children in a way that really responds to their own individual needs, Cameron and Colby are in a different place too. They are talking to me and responding to me in a way that has taken me by utter surprise. I feel a connection to them, especially my oldest, that I have not had since the start of my divorce 2+ years ago.

I hope and pray that as time goes on my boys realize what I have tried to do and that "yeah!" I was a pretty "cool" Mom after all.....Their lives are important to me and I want them to look at me not just as a parent but as a parent who cares and loves them through the challenges ahead. That in my mind is "cool."


MegJgeM MegJgeM
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Bravo to you!! From one cool mom to another : )

thank you both for your comments!

We'd all love to be cool parents ... but it's a tough one ... being cool face to face with your child is one thing ... but being accepted as cool in front of their friends is another entirely ... haha<br />
<br />
Teenagers can be a challenge but an absolute joy too ... especially when we find that connection ...<br />
<br />
love and strength to you all.<br />

I hope the coolness continues, MegJgeM. Caring and loving = cool? sounds good to me.