Been up all night having a 'meaningful' conversation with my six month old infant consisting of a bunch of "" Now that she's asleep I can't sleep because if I do considering how extremely tired I am, I might not hear the alarm going off in order to wake my second grader up for school. Which is in about thirty minute.

So here I am laying here writing this in order to kill some time.

Life of a mother! I've been a mother for a little over seven years. Three kids and barely any time for herself but yet happier than ever. I love my children to the moon and back and to be honest, I wouldn't exactly know what I'd do without them. I'm too use to my son's constant questions that it feels unnatural not hearing the sound of his voice. My step-son thinks he can get away with just about anything using that mad arm pose! And SOMETIMES he does because coming from him it can at times be too cute to be mad. My cry - baby daughter is a split image of me, a day without seeing her puppy face is a day wasted >.< And my youngest, she has the most giggly giggles and the most angelic sleeping face!

Just the thought of them fills my heart with a warm kinda love and happiness.
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26-30, F
Dec 12, 2014