I Am A Cosmetologist

ok so this is my first attempt at writing a story... so it wont be much of one...anyways here it goes

some people think that most or all male beauticians are gay, not true for instance i'm not gay
in any case some people also might think that this is the only adversity that a male beautician
might have to overcome. sadly those people would be wrong as well. once again one of the things
i ran into being a male in the field some women might liken to men saying they cant be mechanics
or welders...or what have you. yes thats right almost every day i was put down or told i cant do
something well because i wasnt gay or a woman...this was truly an unexpected outcome but
it drove me to overcome those who put me down and eventually i became friends with most of them
out performing nearly every one of them with a 4.0 in my first two semesters and a 3.5 in my third
coincidentally and this is very contradictory and funny to me... my 3.5 was because i was horrible
at the part of the skin and nails course that involved applying make-up

in any case i think that this story proves that maybe there are some things women can do better than
men and vice versa and that you shouldnt say that your better than someone because your in your
"element" because they might just come out with it and embarrass you :D
itsshaneman itsshaneman
1 Response Aug 4, 2010

First of all I worked for a beauty store, and I know or should say I have seen male professionals who are not gay. I think wether a male is gay or not, some males have a better eye than females in this profession. I applaud u. no one should say they are better than another in this profession because no matter how experienced u or anyone is, even the most experienced beauticians learn something new everyday.