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Hi there, I am a cosmetologist and I have worked in the industry for 14 years, I have worked in every type of salon from a small privately owned salon to a huge franchise and now I am in a chair rental salon and spa. My newest venture is to start a salon and spa incorparating all of the lessons I have learned from every salon I have worked at. But I need some help. My vision is to have a very open and relaxing environment and providing our salon guests with amazing services, I would want my stylists to want to be the best stylist they can be and I want my guests to leave feeling like they were listened to and understood. So my experience with booth rental is that some of them just want to do their own thing, some don't have the same idea of what I think is good customer service and some of the ones I work with are never available when we have walk ins or refuse to do certain services. I want to employ stylists and train them and help them become the best. But this may not be the best way to become successful, financially. Please if anyone is reading this and has any thoughts on this subject, i need some advice!
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Hello Salon911,

I love to read stories such as yours where people have dreams, goals, & VISIONS of not just wanting the money but have a DEEP PASSION TO HELP OTHERS. PRAY, PRAY, PRAY first and ask God to be your guide, supplier and to give you the WISDOM NEEDED when He answer your prayers to know how to put all of this together. Go to your local library or online and research Getting Grants & Grant Writing and I'm sure you'll be amazed at what you'll find. God knows your heart and He says; He'll give you the desires of your heart. Make sure to continually remind Him that that is what he said and he is a God that he will not lie and a God that he doesn't have to repent. I am in agreement with you that your dreams come to pass. Amen.

You have a definite passion and I would stick with it. Charge a fair price and show by example. I have started a sharpening business and I have noticed that stylist don't know how to maintenance their shears. (clean, oil, adjust, sharpen etc) I have spoken to clients of stylists and many say how they notice their hair being pulled when they get their hair cut. I taught at a cosmetology school to students about the importance of care and getting your shears sharpened when needed. Hard to get them to do that. So if you want your clients to be happy and come back, make sure your stylists maintain their shears and make sure they service them on a timely basis. 3-4 times a year or after 500 to 700 hair cuts.