I'm a male cosmetologist. I'm also a male cheerleader. Those are two things that I love to do. At first, I wasn't really good at either of the 2. I sucked at hair cutting and I wasn't strong enough. People made fun of me and I questioned if I really wanted to continue. I am now in my 4th year of doing each. I'll be getting my cosmetology license next summer as well as hopefully cheering in a college squad. Honestly, this is a story of success. You cannot succeed without failure. Learn your weaknesses and build on them. You'll learn a lot about yourself.
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Im late lol but..Congrats to you! i just got my cosmetology license two weeks ago, and i wish you luck on getting yours this summer!

This is very well said. Congrats on your two hobbies and good luck to you and your future career :D