Ever since I was a little girl, I have always loved snuggling on the couch. Blankie wrapped around me and a few pillows...holding my favorite stuffed animal while watching television.

And although I'm all grown up now...there's still something I love about snuggling on the couch. I still have my blankie wrapped around me and my pillows...but now instead of a stuffed animal...I have you.

The way you wrap me together with you in the blankie. Our bodies so close together...legs entwined. Your body heat that just radiates off your body to keep me warm..especially on those chilly nights. Your arms holding me so very tight, keeping me safe in their embrace. Love the way I can feel your heart beat and your chest moving against me with every breath you take. I feel so safe with you.
The times you play with my hair and just let me doze off in your arms...then there are the times I can feel your breath on my neck when you are whispering in my ear. I love watching our favorite movies, just being alone together. And especially love it when you place your face real close to me...and then I feel a kiss on my are so incredible. What isn't there to love about snuggling!

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2 Responses Dec 8, 2012

Beautiful words,i feel so warm to have read this.

Being young and having a stuffed animal to snuggle up with for a young child is precious.When we become adults and we have someone to snuggle up with is priceless.Two bodies pressed together and being like one is about as good as life gets.Thank you for sharing wonderful insight in to what you treasure and enjoy.I hope you will always be held and treasured.

Mmmm...thank you! Yes...just love it when I am held nice and tight, feeling that wonderful body heat against my skin, as well as the beat of a kind and loving heart.