What Is The Best Way To Get A Cougars Attention?

I'm a young 23yr old guy, who wants to be seduced by a cougar. would like to hear from cougars only, what I can do to get your attention. What you find so appealing about the younger man. how you would seduce him. Any input would be great :)
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4 Responses Feb 3, 2012

Do something interesting that an older woman can also plausibly do. Then there you are doing this interesting thing together, what do you know? <br />
Pro tip: partner dance is something people of all ages can look their best doing. I recommend tango (Argentine!) if you want to put serious work into it, or blues if you just wanna have fun.

It's not necessarily a planned seduction. It is just interaction that may lead to something...

I always date younger guys. Funny thing is as I get older, the guys I date get younger. And people gives me **** about it. Response to you guys's question.. what s the best way to attract a cougar... I do not intentionally look for young guys. It just happened. I can only date one person at one time. I have always been like that. And I didn't have any kids, so I probably look 10 ~15 years younger than my actual age. When I start to date someone, I like doing things that younger people like to do. So naturally, I look for people who are into same thing as I do. And when we start to date, if the guy wants to make it a relationship, I will. If not, I won't. I never did seduced guys... I am scared of rejection and being hurt too.. although.. I will probably get hurt just dating young guys eventually.

Here is a question for you. When I like someone, I do wish that the relationship will last forever. But the future hurt that I see in my head is. Yeah I do look good for my age, but I am like 20 years older than guy, and 10 years from now, I will probably look older and he might want someone younger than me. When he is 40, I will be 60. he is 50 and I am 70 Tell me how you feel about that.

That is definitely a problem. My 53 year-old lover left me for a younger woman who could work and help with expenses. He told me he didn't want a relation-ship but ended up with one anyway, so we parted. Now I'm dating a much younger man. I don't expect any of these connections to be long-term, just enjoy each other while you can.

Yeah me too... Ladies we eagerly await your responses.... 29 Male very interested.

If you find a likely Cougar you are sure to be happy! We are experienced, willing to try new things and love younger men for their sexy bodies and vigor. I adore my young lovers. I have an advantage because after 14 years of abstinence I was brought out of my prison by a younger lover and will forever be grateful to him. Now, I am ready almost all the time. Maybe you can find someone like me. Good luck!