I'm An Accidental Cougar

For the most part, I'd always dated guys close to my age or older.  On occasion, I'd date a guy a year or two younger, but not very often.  Then, shortly after my first marriage broke apart, I was pursued by a guy 11 years younger than me.  It didn't go anywhere; that age difference made me very nervous, but it was flattering.  Especially since I'd just turned 29.  I mean really, pushing 30, and an 18 year old is hitting on you?  Who wouldn't love that?

At 31, I had a brief encounter with a 22-year-old.  He hit on me, and it didn't go into a relationship at all, but it was fun.

A year later, things changed drastically for me.  I started dating someone for the first time since my divorce three years earlier.  He was 13 years younger than me.  And again, he pursued me.

It was flattering and thrilling and amazing.

And now?  We're married.

Yup, the love of my life is 13 years younger than me.  He's only 6 years older than my son.  At times, it seems surreal.  But we have so incredibly much in common, and our bond is stronger than any bond I've ever had with another man.
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4 Responses Feb 4, 2012

How old is he ? And is he able to satisfy you in bed ?

Nicely Said. Just goes to show we never know where we will find true love.

I love happy endings :)<br />
<br />
I know... not much of a comment, but happiness begets happiness :)

hi, i like ypur storys, you seem like such a sweet person, im glad you finaly found true love, maybe it will happen to me as well, your stoy is very inspiring to me. and yes i could very easily be a cougar, lol i have a certain guy in mind, he is way younger then me , he could be my son, lol but he is so mature for his age, and he sings, and has a amazing voice, he is a christian, and a nice guy, but last i heard he had a nice gf that i met, and i myself am currently married, but getting ready tofile for a divorce, my husband and i drifted apart years ago, and both fell out of love,we have no kids together i have 2 daughters but not by him.. i now have feelings for him, that i have not felt in years, but he has told me that he is not in love with me anymore, althought lately we have been getting along and he has told me recently like once that he loved me. so i dont know if there is hope or not,<br />
have to see, he wants the divorce, becasue i ahve bipolar and in mania, i like to buy things and he foes not want to be responsible for that. except im not as bad with my bipolar now because i am on a great medication, and very happy with that, however he wants the divorce but he wants us to share the same house and bedroom, i am ok with that for now, and it will work for awhile , but if things dotn change and we cant still feel the love for one another, then it may not be for the best, becasue right now i need someone to love me, hold me , kiss me, and just enjoy spending tiome with me, imvery lonely, and sometimes i get sad, becasue i do love my husband, but he is none of the abouve to me at the moment, like today he left to go visit his parents, i ask him to spend the day with me going out and running around, and he chose to go to his parents house instead, leaving me here with no other car.. i live close to town and i dotn mind to walk.. but it makes me wonder if im wasting my time here...<br />
<br />
and all he wants to do for fun is go visit his parents, and i cant handle that either so id rather be home alone then always going there, they are somewhat 2 faced, to my face they like me and talk bad about me and encourage him to leave me behind my back..<br />
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but i jUST wanted to say hi, i love your profile pic, you are way too cute lol take care <br />
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