The Realtor

I was looking for an apartment in the city one summer and had seen countless units. The luxury of not having any time pressure on my move was making the process take longer than it probably should have, but I enjoyed seeing places and getting excited about some of the living arrangements that were possible.

One evening after work I was having a drink and talking to some friends about my apartment search when a woman I hadn't noticed leaned in and joked "You better not come into my place and waste my time dragging you to see apartments when your obviously not even ready to move in!" Ha ha. We all laughed briefly because it wasn't that funny, and actually the line was delivered in a sort of serious way that made my friends and I think "*****".

An hour and many drinks later the crowd was thinning and I said bye to my friends. Fewer bodies in the room meant I could finally see the woman who'd leaned into our conversation earlier. Physically she was almost identical to the image of the ideal older woman. An image I'd formed over many years, since the mother of one of my high school girlfriends had cornered me in the kitchen and pressed her breasts up against me.. her thick, silky smooth thigh pushing between my legs and her hand falling casually down onto my ****, grasping it in her hot fist... making it instantly engorged and dripping.

Her slightly meaty hips and thighs were encased in a sheath of a skirt that was hiked up perfectly, mid-thigh. Her calves were a little thick, but nicely shaped and very feminine. Her hair was short and in a tight bun and she had on a blouse that tugged and pulled on all the right places. Against the backdrop of her other friends, she was obviously the most comfortable in her own skin.. with the most animal magnetism, the way she spoke and shifted her weight on her heels.. thrusting her perfect hip out.. the arch in the small of her back perfectly angled to the shelf of her very ample rear end.

As I was looking at her she was saying her final goodbyes, kissing cheeks etc. And as the last of her friends left her company she almost immediately turned to look at me, then looked down embarrassed. A few heart thumping seconds passed and I forced myself to get up and start for the door.. then forced my feet to stop walking and smile at her.

"Hi" I said
"Hi there. I'm sorry about that dumb comment before, I didn't mean to.."
"It's ok"
"You know I'm a real estate agent and I just thought it was funny listening to you go on about seeing all those apartments and having no intention of renting..."

We sat back down and ordered one more drink. Her name was Marissa. She was 48 and did well as an agent. At the time I was 31 and long overdue for my own apartment. She was with a downtown agency and yes, she showed places that were in my price range. We talked about the market and I prolonged the conversation with dumb questions so I could catch her crossing her legs and stroking her gorgeous knees just one last time.. and then again ... and again. I was thick and hard for most of our little chat. She smiled broadly and touch my forearms and hands often as she talked.

"Well best of luck to you in your search"
"Maybe I'll call you"
"Maybe you will" she replied.

She got up using my thigh as support and by accident placed her hand partially on my member, which at this time was very thick and large in my jeans. I froze. She tried to pretend she hadn't done it and continued gathering her things.. smiled and started out.

A moment later she was back, her gorgeous hand sliding back onto my leg and over my c, giving it a gentle squeeze and stroke.
"I just wanted to tell you that you WILL call me."
She leaned in very close so I could feel her hot breath on my ear.
Her hand slide down the entire length of my c to my blls and then up again
"I have some places I want to show you"
"Ok" I said.

Marrissa called the next day all business. I was to come into her office to do some paperwork before she could take any keys. 11am.


The place was busy and Marissa greeted me as she would any client whose c she had not grabbed through his jeans the night before.

I met her boss who looked me over and asked me some questions about what I was looking for while Marrissa busied herself, apparently uninterested. Her hair was down today..she wore a more casual sun type dress and pumps. Her breasts were prominent let just say. You could tell she was the one gorgeous lady in an office full of men. She had to remain all business.

We finally found ourselves on the curb and she said we had to go uptown into the 20s to see the first place so I hailed a cab and we both slumped into the back seat.
As she leaned forward to tell the driver the address her hand was again on my thigh, searching for what had intrigued her so the night before. When she found it she again started to stroke it, but this time leaned in and kissed me, deeply but quickly.

My c was hard in her hands instantly and my heart started beating fast.

"You're going to like this first place Rick, I'm sure of it. It has everything you want"
I was speechless. The driver, kudos to him, just gave us a quick look and then minded his own business.

She was pressed up against me now in the back of that cab, her hand clutching my clike a possession and her soft wet mouth ocassionally finding my neck and my lips.. my hand had found her inner thigh where I lightly touched and teased her until she began to physically shake. When my fingers finally found her p it had soaked through her panties to such a degree that I thought she'd peed herself.

The fantastic thing about all this was that we kept the conversation completely about real estate and apartments. She even took a call from her office as she unbuckled my jeans and shoved her hungry hand down to grab and stroke my tool, fully out of my pants now, without any barrier.

The cab arrived finally, we paid, and almost stumbled out onto the side walk. She led me to a newly renovated building and started up the stairs. That is where I almost lost it. The vision of the spectacular woman in that dress, with that spectacular p that I knew was tingling.. and dripping, and throbbing, and getting ready for my thick rigid member. When we met the building management I almost could not talk. Neither could Marissa.. she seemed totally distracted, numb to everything but the though of my c deep inside of her.

We got into the elevator and I almost jumped on her.. but we looked at each other and smiled.. knowing that we want to resist resist resist until we were alone... so she just took a stop toward me.. too close for those quarters, and let her nipples barely brush against my chest..

"Oh god, Oh god, Oh god" she was whispering to herself.

The elevator stopped and the doors opened and we walked down the corridor about 4 doors where she had the keys at the ready and opened the door. She let me in first and started in on her description of the apartment.

"Entry foyer with closet.. 1 bedroom, 1 and a half bathrooms, tile in the newly renovated kitchen.... "

I followed her, watching her a** through that dress, and those calves and legs ..

There wasn't a piece of furniture in the whole place, until we got to the bedroom, where there was a sofa left by the previous occupants.

"I called ahead and they apologized, but it doesn't matter. Anyway, look at that view."

I walked up behind her and pressed up against her fantastic a which seemed to part and catch my **** perfectly between it's cheeks. I was wearing slacks and my fully engorged c was huge and menacing.. pressing against the cloth. Her hand immediately fell and grabbed me again, she turned, pushed me against the wall, pulled down my slacks and reached up through the leg of my boxers to grab me and pull it into her hot hungry mouth. The way she looked at it made me feel fantastic. She clutched the head between her lips and sucked gently.. tickling my balls and then letting the whole thing slide deliciously into her throat. My shaft looked like iron disappearing in and out all the her eyes holding my gaze and her cuticles scratching teasing and tickling my stomach.

"F God Yes" are the three words she said. "That's.. A.. Big.. C.. Rick" are the other words she said. I grabbed her hair and took her glasses off and pushed my self in and out as her tongue rode the underside of my throbbing hard member.

She lifted herself and we kissed so softly and so intensely.. my hands lifting her dress over her a and sliding under her panties... her one hand clutching my c .. squeezing.. stroking... milking.

"Do it to me know Rick. Do it to me with this (squeeze) ... I'm dripping just standing here"

I pushed her over the back of the couch and slowly lifted her skirt and pulled her panties down until they rested on the floor around one of her ankles. She took her hair with both hands and pushed it to the side with a big smile as if she were getting comfortable on a massage table, ready to be worked on. I moved one gorgeous bulbous cheek to the side and revealed an exceptional p .. pink, shaven.. swollen and dripping from the lips..

I reached down and grabbed my throbbing tool with both hands and pushed the head against her wetness.. spreading the outer lips around my cap

"Ohhh F GOD... you're going to kill me."

I took my right hand off my c and let the second third of my c open her up sweetly.. I saw her hands clenched tight on the sofa. I smiled

I took my left hand off now and slowly began to bend and push myself all the way up inside her for the first time.. her juices flowing amply.. her heat warming my c completely. Her grunts and groans and sighs were heaven to my ears... as my c hardened rigid for the task ahead, fully inside her.

I grabbed her hair now and pulled back, fing her with the full force of my thickness.. my balls slapping against her swollen p... the c percolating inside me as my piston fed her sweet ******.. she put her hands now behind her and I grabbed them instantly , rendering her helpless.. She looked over her shoulder at me with complete abandon and some terror as she felt every throbbing inch of my thick monster invade her over and over again

"Ohhhhh, f me with that thing , that big beautiful horrible thing. it's so frigging big"

The stuff that she was saying was priceless and she brought me close to ******* over and over. The echo in the apartment too , was no hinderance.. she didn't give a f.

Finally she draped one big thigh over the couch opening herself up to me even more and said,

"Don't c yet I want it in my mouth you bastard"

So after hitting her hard and deep with her juices now down around my ankles and calves I finally pulled out and she swung around and started stroking me with both hands, like Indian rubber on a someones forearm .. stroking milking and finally producing a strong spurting flow of c that she gobbled down and swallowed like a perfect lady...

This is all based on a true story which I can tell you sometime if you choose to say hello.
I'd even love to tell you in person some time if you're in my area. I'm no longer looking for an apartment, but I do still have a very strong attraction to mature women. I'm 36 now.. but i'm sure there's a cougar out there relative to my own age who'd I'd love to meet.

Please say hello. I'm Rick. I'm at (that's 6 ones)

Ciao and happy reading
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