39 Attracted To 22

I have been in a 6 year relationship with my 32 year old boyfriend. He never wants to have sex and I can't deal with it so I went and hooked up with 22 year old. He was so gental and I can't stop thinking about him. What is wrong with me?
Melody0923 Melody0923
36-40, F
5 Responses Dec 3, 2012

If your needs aren't met then you have to go somewhat where they are.

You're bored and lonely in your relationship. You feel stuck and you need a release. Take a breath. You need to think about your next step. Don't rush but remember that your own happiness is as important as that of those around you.

Thank you! Well, I think I just needed to be touched again but i don't think I need them to be that young, not that it was a bad thing. I think my preference would be 30- 40. I know now that if the right male comes around I guess it really doesn't matter the age.

Nothing wrong with you, embrace and enjoy it

no there is nothing wrong with you at all i mean maybe that is because iam a younger male who loves older females but maybe if your bf was giving you a little more love and care you would not feel you had to go with an other male?