I Am A Bit Nervous Lol But God It's Fun

So I recently started dating a 22 year old, I was best friends with his older sister, we met when he was only 14 and I 20 he had a crush on me then but I just thought he was cute and illegal. He has always acted much older then he is and his circumstances made so he had to grow up the hard fast way. I really believe that is what made the choice to go younger then myself an easier one.
Normally I am the type of person to date men 9 years my senior not the other way around. I was put of by the thought of it at first and then add the fact that he is a little brother to my best friend. Oh that was a hard pill to swallow.
The more I talked to him on line and texting back and forth the more I realized I was in trouble. He had grown up and GOD he grew well lean, tight, strong, and well endowed so not only did he have a grown up attitude but an animal in bed not to mention a skilled partner. He is more put together at his young age then men I have been with twice his age.
So I moved him in with me realizing my oldest daughter is only 9 years younger then him which is a scary thought. This boy is so attentive so loving so sweet and steamy.. easy to fall in love with and that is where I am nervous, I know his age I know how easy it is to turn on your heels and find greener pastures and I am afraid that he loves me today and is gone tomorrow ....
So for now I am going to take it for what it is and see where it goes GOD puts people in your life a whatever time and reason they are supposed to be there for and who am I to turn away one of GODs interventions to my life.
Hear is to hoping!
natas2102 natas2102
26-30, F
Dec 5, 2012