I Am A Cougar For Over A Year And A Half

I guess you could say that I have been put into the category of a cougar. I am a 47 year old woman who has been through one marriage of 15 years and another relationship of 10 years and they both failed. I met a young man that is just 25 and we are totally compatible and love each other very much. It is not accepted for an old woman to date younger men but it is okay the other way around. I am NOT desperate what so ever....and believe it or not I wasn't looking for something like this to happen to me. I do admit that for a short while I wondered about my maturity level and if there was something wrong with me - as others thought but I came to the conclusion that the reason we get along is not because there something wrong but I actually came across someone right for the first time in my life.
He is wonderful to me and accepts me for who I am whether I am in sweats or dressed up. I am loved unconditionally which people search for each and everyday...and even though we aren't the same age we still care about each other more than married couples do.
I don't expect everyone to understand my situation just as I don't understand so many other things that go on in this world but I do know this, I am happy right now and that's all that matters.
I suggest that people look less at the age thing and more at the compatibility and communication that you have with the person you get involved with.
Good luck to you who are in my shoes!

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Demi Moore paved the way. It's acceptable now! :)

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Enjoy yourself...good for you!

He's very fortunate!

P.S. I have nearly hooked up with a woman 12 years my senior, and just might the next time I get a chance!

it no one problem..enjoy ur man and let ppl go **** themselves if they dun like it


If it works,enjoy

Congrats - i learned at the hands of a mature woman. Experience and patience are wonderful.

I would love to be with a woman your age

**** i love women your age...when i was 20 i dated a women who was 48 and she was just the most incredible woman. didnt really sit well with either family but like u said, we were just totally compatible!!

Also, how did you meet, and how did it go up to him asking out?

I am happy for you, best of luck!

older women r the best