I Never Have Problems Getting Service

I know my husband may get a bit riled up if he knew, but he does always challenge me.  He should know better.

I don't think  being a Cougar is bad, it's empowering!  I am 45, 5'5" tall, blond haired, blue eyes, tan and a full DD cup.  I get attention all the time, but pretend not to notice unless I want it.   I get attention from the bagging clerks, the salesmen, the service men, you name it.  It's pretty easy to get free cable if you have an open mind.

I'll just give you one example of how things get easy for ladies who are confident and playful.  We had just moved into a new home and were having trouble with out pool/spa filtration systems.  It works along with the heater and the lights and we just couldn't seem to get it to work.  It was so maddening, that my husband teased me by saying "what's it gonna take to get service here?  A *******?"

I teased back and said "I'm sure we can get it all done for that!  The plumber trips all over himself to fix things for me!"  HE said "GO!"

Well, I called the repair service (not the water service) and told him we needed light works and to get the heater working properly.  Because he is so obviously interested, he made a 11AM appointment for the next day. 

I put on a robe over my bikini just in case someone else showed, but luckily, it was the young man I anticipated.  I showed him the problem and told him I'd be laying by the pool if he needed me.  Half an hour later, he had some of it working, but said we needed a new light and a full heater cleaning as it was so dirty, it would over heat and shut down.

He gave me a rather large labor estimate, but the parts weren't much, so I told him to get the parts out and I'd call my husband to let him know.  My husband wasn't too thrilled with the cost, but said "whatever you think" and that's all I needed.

This young man is always looking, but never out of line.  He's just eager to see a real woman and it's obvious.  He came back with the parts and said he could get started and it would take a couple hours.  He then hesitated saying he should probably take his lunch first.

At that very moment, I knew I had an opportunity.  I coyly asked him if he would call me before he came back into the pool area.  He agreed, but asked why.  I told him I prefer to sunbathe nude and didn't want to make him uncomfortable.  I saw him gulp and he began to clumsily say it was ok.

"I'm not going to be embarrassed, M'am."  The hell he wasn't.  I knew I had his attention and said "if you're ok with it, then In am" and started taking my top off.  He already had an obvious,  full hard on before I untied my bottoms!  It was a total rush.  He said he could work through lunch and would get out of my way.  He then walked backk to the heater.

I was so hot, but wanted to be careful.  I knew my husband might get a bit peeved if I went much farther and I always want to be safe because, ell, I love my husband.

I walked over to where the pony wall, hiding the heater and pump was and saw the young man squeezing what looked like a really thick **** through his pants while looking at the heater.  I startled him and said he was welcome to join me by the pool if he could forget his work for a minute.  He was still shy, but I got a "yes, M'am" and he followed me back to my chaise lounge.

I sat back and enjoyed his eyes devouring me.  I instructed him to ***** down and get some sun.  He did and I gasped.  His hard on was as thick as my arm!  It was long, thick, shaven and beautiful.  He had abs!  His long hair looked so sexy and he just stood in front of me.  He finally joked that he was "off the clock."

I told him that I really wanted to see him jack off.  That was easy.  It took him about a minute to unload and I let him do it right on my stomache.  I came right after that.  It was so hot.  We talked for a minute and I said if he hurried up and finished the job, I would give him a reward.  He got dressed and got to it.

An hour later, he was done with everything.  I was still nude in the chaise lounge.  Still had him on me.  I told him to jump in the pool and he did.

This was so easy.  I loved the attention.  Here I am, 45 and getting the attention of an early 20's musician and he was doing my bidding.

I broke down and told him to wait a second as I ran back in the house.  I came back out with a condom from my hising spot.  I couldn't help it.  I had to have that ****.  I told him he was getting a reward for such good service and had him sit on the chaise.  His **** faced the sky and I forced it in my mouth.  The head barely fit and I just had to take it all.  I had tears in my eyes as he shoved it in harder, pumping my face.

I pulled back and told him this was only a one time thing and to not tell a soul.  I wanted no backlash from my indiscretion.  He came with such force I thought I was going to pass out from lack of oxygen, but I let all his come drip from my mouth to my breasts.  I wasn't done.

He only took a minor amount of coaxing to get fully engorged again, I put that damn condom on him and eased myself onto him.  I felt lik I was going to be ripped in half, but I fanally got it all in.  It was fun, but not what I'd want to deal with every day. 

We only ****** for about 3 minutes before he came.  I kept riding him, against his pleading another couple minutes and came myself.

Needless to say, I got no bill.  To this day, my husband wonders why we haven't paid for that service. :)






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mmm i need to open a repair service in your neighbourhood

That is so sexy.you are sexy

I want to meet a woman like you so bad! Why can't I get so lucky?

Wonderful story...I can see you lounging, watching,lightly caressing yourself...and I can empathize with the repair stud...aching, awkward, craving... do anything for you in his place!

you are my kind of woman. you know what u want and u go after and get what u want and u r naughty on top of all that which makes u perfect xoxo

I dont think your husband is a fool, he knows everything.

Do you really think your hubby doesn't know why there was no bill? Men like to play dumb sometimes because they don't want to openly acknowledge something happened.<br />
<br />
He's probably fantasized about that afternoon and may be struggling with how he feels about it. Does he want to set you free to **** whomever you want? Does he want to watch or join in? Can he trust you to stay within whatever boundaries you agree on?<br />
<br />
Here's hoping it all works out for the two of you. Life's too short to not live out our fantasies and it sounds like you agree. Hopefully hubby does too. BTW - Love your Avatar. You are definitely one sexy momma.

You kept ******* him even after he came. A woman that knows what she wants! An older guy would have gone soft but young guys can't help but stay hard. I can almost feel his pain. I get so sensitive after I *** I have actually picked women up off me and tossed them to the side. <br />
<br />
I love your body and your attitude MomPrivate.

Mommy baby Your user photo is great and Hot. Please share me some more of it.

You can't be really surprised men will give you what you want. Young or old we all appreciate a hot woman who knows what she wants.