He"s 18

I am a 31 yr old married mother of 5....recently i've started "seeing" an 18yr old man on the side. He is everything a woman could hope for. He provides me with the compliments and self confidence every 30 something year old should have. I have the best of both worlds, a older husband who provides me with the love and support to me and my children....and a young lover that gives me the self confidence and youth i need. Without my young lover i dont think my marriage would have made it through the past 3 months.

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hmm gr8, its every person for himself , ur getting best of both worlds n nothing wrong in it..just njoy babes.


are u still training your lion tamer

I was never trained.in fact i was pampered all 5 yrs. What drew me to her was her experience. She initiated the first kiss; she was dominant in the bedroom for the first couple of weeks. And what does a woman need? Someone to talk to. She talk i listen. I miss her. I cant believe i broke up with her.

Oh yes, they can definitely be trained. In fact, that's what they're looking for in an older woman--experience, and things they may not have even thought of trying.

I am 38 and starting to take a second look at a 19 yo boy. Can they be trained? <br />
OF COURSE 30something. they learn fast

I am 38 and starting to take a second look at a 19 yo boy. Can they be trained?

yeah to go 7 tell alllll there buddys that there ****** you &amp; how goodof a piece of *** you are &amp; how they should try you :) hell maybe thats your thing