G.R.I.T.S! Girls Raised In The South!
I was born and raised in the south. Country girl by birth, heart and soul. Even though I can be a girly girl....I still have my tomboy side. Yes, I eat grits and Yes, I drink sweet tea from a mason jar, Yes, I use different grammer than most! Am I ashamed??? No!

Where I am from everybody knows everybody. You can leave and go on vacation leave all your doors unlocked and when you return everything is still where it was before and nothing has been stolen. Your neighbors look out for you, babysit your kids and you don't have to worry about their safety. Kids can run in the streets without fear of being kidnapped, molested or being ran over by a car.

When I was young; I remember getting in trouble and getting a whooping from my neighbor then going home and getting another one by my folks....see, where I am from....no one calls "child services" on everybody for punishing your children. Thats mostly whats wrong with the generation today....parents won't whoop their kids then wonder why their so out of control when their older!

Family means everything!

No, not all of us are perfect, but life is simple compared to the rest of the world. I will never be ashamed of where I come from.

You can keep your concrete jungles (cities).....I'll take the mountains, my fried green tomatos, southern country fried and sweet as our Georgia peaches!

American by birth. Southern by the grace of God!
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