Cowboy Heaven

My uncle went to Cowboy Heaven,before I was ever here,and ol' Hank made his way too,with just his guitar and a beer.

There's a place up there for cowboy's where Lane Frost hold's on for eight,and you can talk to pure bred cowboy's, from all of our great states.

Tha ladies ride 'round golden barrels,with their buckles shinin'bright,and folk's thank God each day,for sendin' down that light.

So if you lose a cowboy,just remember this one thing,he's there in every lyric, that Hank and Lefty sing.

He's under every Stetson hat,and on every bull or bronc,he's on the arm of country girl's,he's at the local honky tonk.He's watchin'from behind the chute's,he pull's your rope so tight,and when you lay your head down,he's that star that's shinin'bright.

He's up there with all your friend's,and cowpoke's too,and every step you take,he'll be watchin over you.

The final buzzer sounded,and he's taken his last ride,but on earth he still remain's,in every cowboy's pride.

So cowboy's dont give up,and ride your horses 'till the end,for at the gate's of Cowboy Heaven,await's your western friend.

Ride in memory of the man,who wear's the Stetson halo,and keep him in your heart,at every rodeo,and when your life just get's you down and your feelin'sad and blue,remember...Cowboy Heaven,and your angel wait for you.


                                  Dedicated To All My Cowboy Friend's

                                                In Cowboy Heaven

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4 Responses Mar 18, 2009

You never cease to amaze me.. I loved reading this...

kwall, this is great! I love cowboy poetry. My cousin writes it and shares his poems at our family reunions. My favorite was "I've Got a Hitch in my Giddy Up." He goes to cowboy poetry gatherings in different places out West.

In my life I have know a few, now in cowboy heaven.<br />
Fun loving, gentle, stubborn cowboys. <br />
<br />
By chance did you ever know a Rodeo Clown named Snuffy? He was inducted to the rodeo hall of fame I think last year or year before.

K. my friend... this is beautiful... my day has been transformed. Let's ride!