Tennessee Whiskey

A face like an angel, a devilish grin.You think you've won her over,but she know's where you've been.

She's been stepped on and thrown around,by guy's like you before.They fool her with their charm,and then walk out the door.

So keep on trying ,if you think her smile's for real.But it only hide's the hurt,and bitterness she feel's.

So keep on thinking you can have her,but you might as well start walkin.'Cause she does'nt really love you,it's just Tennessee Whiskey talkin.

She knows that you could love her,and that you could be the one.But,she knows that like a cowgirl's dream,her world could come undone.

So she'll dance the night away,and pretend your love's for real.Though all the while she's reminded,of how a heartache feel's.

So keep on playing Romeo,and keep wishing you could hold her.But cowboy your dreams keep getting younger,and she's just getting older.

So keep thinking you could have her,but you might as well start walkin.Cause that girl will never love you,it's just Tennesse Whiskey talkin...

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1 Response Mar 19, 2009

Ohhhhh!!! Nice words Kwall! :-)