Time to Party

Went to a party the other weekend, it was crazy, cold outside and lots of snow. It all started pretty good thae a couple hours in the first couple started stripping down, out in the snow they went naked and drunk, what a laugh. They had dared each other and neither was backing down. When they got back in the house all hell broke loose and everybody was taking the plunge. What a time, one of the fun things about being crazy canucks. It was one really interesting party .

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4 Responses Feb 9, 2009

I would loved to have gone.. :-) Next time send my invite in the mail and I'll be there..

Sounds gereat. Listen, I have a favor. I had a buddy once who hailed from the frozen north. He gave me a recipe for "Moose Milk," which was an *** kicking drink. If you have a recipe for it (I lost mine) please send it. Thanks <br />
Moss covered redneck from the Gulf Coast

hope no one got hypothermia! brrrr

I know what you mean itis great to get wild sometimes.