Why The Religion Of Darwinism Is Dying (apart From A Lack Of Transitional Fossils)

FUN FACT: Darwin never even mentioned mutations in his book 'the origin of species'. In fact, he suggested natural selection can bring new species. It wasn't until years after that his followers wanted to keep the religion of Darwinism from dying. In his time, people believed that giraffes got their long necks by reaching out for tall plants (Lamarckism).

Modern science is disproving evolution. In Darwin's era, people thought you got sick from bad air (no germ theory), the cell was considered to be just a sack of liquid with a cell membrane. Electron microscopy wasn't available back then. People believed in spontaneous generation and did not know the probability of a protein formed by chance. Plus, the politics behind the theory has died out, as it suggested some races superior to another. Our society is progressing, and at what greatness! Extinction of race consciousness!

When Darwin's theory was proposed, science and technology were on a very primitive level. Scientists of that period used very basic equipment, whereas computers and electron microscopes are used today. The development of equipment, from the microscope to other technical devices, began only in the 20th century. The results of scientific advances have nullified the claims made by Darwinism with its primitive level of scientific knowledge.

In Darwin’s day, it was not known that the DNA within a cell contains enough information to fill an encyclopedia consisting of many volumes. The living cell was thought to be merely a water-filled sac. Fossil discoveries in Darwin’s day were also limited. Thanks to advances in science and new fossil excavations, the subsequent 150 years showed that living things never underwent evolution. A century and a half after Darwin, Darwinism is in an evident state of collapse.

Not to mention all the fossils that are being discovered from the Cambrian explosion. Evolution does not have any proofs left. It was thought that if a baby was born handicapped, that was because of fears the mother had experienced during the gestation process.

In Darwin’s time it was believed that the soil of a land being plowed away could change that region’s climate. People imagined that outer space was a colorless fluid known as ether and that if people’s hands were severed over the course of a few generations eventually children without any hands would be born. The electron microscope did not yet exist in 1859. Neither did the refrigerator (which was invented only in 1938), the telephone (1876), the typewriter (1867), or even the ballpoint pen (1863). Researchers of the time tried to understand natural phenomena by means of such rudimentary equipment as compasses, thermometers and the like.

In Darwin’s day, it was estimated that the Cambrian Period extended no further back than 60 million years. According to this view, the Earth was estimated to be only around 200 million years old.

In this era, when not even proteins had yet been discovered, Darwin was unaware of the complexity of life. He imagined that under these conditions, the validity of the theory of evolution he proposed would gradually emerge. Yet scientific progress and fossil findings overturned his expectations.
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But the people discrediting Darwin aren't discrediting the principle of evolution by natural selection itself. When we discounted miasma and phlogiston, we weren't suggesting disease and fire didn't exist, we just updated the theories of how they happened.

My views have significantly evolved (no pun intended) since I first wrote this post and does not reflect my current views on the subject.

So, what are your current views on the subject?

Only modern science in certain parts of America is disproving evolution. Everywhere else in the world modern science is doing quite the reverse

Sure. Care to name a few?

Britain, Europe, Africa, India, Australia

Science is not modern in Africa. It's reverse. It's going back to the stone age. Soon they will be threatening us with castles.

Africa is a big place. They don't all create past history to impress

they found a 1.7 million year old hut. Africans still make huts like those today. Shows how much they have "progressed" in 1.7 million years..

If you want to judge an entire continent by its most deprived rural communities, North America isn't going to come away looking too good either...

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If Darwin is outdated, just imagine all the bogus stuff in the bible!

yes. that's why I don't read the bible.