Hitler On Evolution

"Mental and physical education are of great importance to the state, yet the [natural] selection of people is at least as important. The state has a responsibility to declare that it is inappropriate for genetically or clearly unhealthy individuals to reproduce... It must show no sympathy nor wait for others to understand as it fulfills that responsibility... Preventing the reproduction of physically handicapped or unhealthy individuals for a period of 600 years ... will bring about a hitherto unachievable improvement in human health. If the healthiest members of a race reproduce in a planned manner, the result will be … a race without the deformed physical or mental seeds that we have carried with us so far."
[Mein Kampf (My Struggle), München: Verlag Franz Eher Nachfolger, 1993, pp. 44, 447-448]
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lets say... If everybody was as such healthy mentally and physically, then who will be the fools that support and protect all the craze in this world!??
To add a point, if people literally followed the islamic rules and themes, and lived life according to how God The Almighty designed it for us and taught us in His Holy Books and Prophets' lifestyle, everybody will be a king and a queen and healthy to live +200years!! We muslims seem to be the worst about missing this out! God Bless!