Arguing Alot With My Boyfriend:(((

well me nd my boyfriend have been going out for 4 months now nd the first month was so amazing bt after the 2nd month everything started going down hill nd we started arguing like every week nd den it started being arguements every day. like we wld be happy for an hour nd then we wld start arguing once again nd dehh only solution we wld find out wld be to break up nd sumtimes we wld tlk bouhh it bt it didnt work so we chose to break up bt after every break up we wld *** back to each other nd promise nt to arque aqain bt then the next day it wld happen all over again nd nw idk wat to do cause itz been like that for these past 4 months nd we love each other very much bt idk wat to do ...
i really need some advice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
carmenvillarreal14 carmenvillarreal14
1 Response Jul 9, 2010

Sounds to me like you are of two very diferent personalities. If you do want to stay together, my suggestion is that you both talk with a counselor about your competing styles of communications. Many times people can be very attracted to one another but clash about almost every topic or situation. (Haven't you heard the ex<x>pression, "opposites attract"?)<br />
What I'm guessing is that you and your boyfriend have temperaments that are so different that it makes it very difficult to agree on almost anything. And, it is not so much what is said so much as the way it is being said, or more precisely how the other hears it. For your relationship to last, you both will need to learn new communications skills so that you can speak what is on your mind without upsetting the other.