Many Birds Killed With A Stone

This is a BIGGIE! WARNING! Culminates in many problems solved in the end.

I was always broke and BEGGING to just buy a Subway sandwich. I hated that life. Jeez, I really did. I tried a site called to get a-hold of some polymer clay as I knew I couldn't afford any. When I put in my wish and it was answered, a huge BOX of many of the clays came. I could NOT believe what had just happened! I didn't really know what to do with the clay to profit from it until one night. That night, I thought about making pendants. Real cool idea, I thought. Finally, I was able to actually INVEST in the business to buy more stuff. I was STOKED, to say the least. Many things were bought online, mainly since then toward the business.

And now I needed a toaster oven and pasta roller. Got those from Freecycle, both of them. What a treat! I couldn't believe that I was starting up for FREE! I thought that this was the greatest thing since sliced bread,So I made some pendants and managed to sell a few. Now, I knew I was rolling. On and off through the summer I sold this on the street.

Next problem arose. Fall came and I KNOW what happens when this happens. Winter comes. I also know that you can not stand outside selling in the Winter. Therefore, I wound up stewing for 3 weeks trying to figure a way to circumvent this problem safely without frostbite and hypothermia, as winter here goes under 40 below at times. I just suffered for 3 weeks just stewing about what was I gonna do about it.

One morning, a thought came to me. I was thinking about those home party style "business templates". This is where you have people come and look at catalogs and wares to order and buy. I didn't and won't have a catalog. I am going to do a WYSIWYG type deal where every piece of jewelry is unique and is sold only once.

Problem was, I live in a shoebox and don't have room for 10 people in my room!! What was I going to do now, I wondered. I thought, "I know! Why not call a nearby restaurant and reserve a table for 8-10 people and place an ad on our local classifieds early in the week right after I made the table reservation"? This was a great idea! I know I would have to make reservations on Mondays to make the reservation for the table early to "seal" the table in my name for Saturday afternoons. I knew I could make tons of jewelry in the week to make many for the meetup. I couldn't believe, after 3 weeks of suffering, I solved the problem.

What is more, the people buy the jewelry the same day at the same sitting, so I can get money ON THE SPOT! What is more, NOW, I can make Santas and other christmas-y jewelry for them to buy as gifts for their loved ones, or for themselves.
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That sounds just lovely! :D