Unstoppable Prostitution

In my book manuscript Sex Work in Vietnam - which I still cannot yet interest publishers in - I develop a new theory which suggests prostitution is unstoppable. The theory predicts sex work will be with us till the end, whatever that be (of intelligent life, of the universe, whatever). The theory is completely sound on two key counts. One, it hugs tightly the empirical evidence. Since prostitution came into being as a human social institution somewhere around 7,000 years ago at the eastern end of the Mediterranean, it has never been able to be abolished. Whenever forces have tried (eg Nazis, Pol Pot, communist Chinese) it has proved too resilient and bounced back into business.

Second, the theory uses quite straightforward textbook mathematics. So the only problem can be linking the maths with social concepts. I think I've covered that satisfactorily.

Now, in the ultimate section of the book I suggest somewhat provocatively and creatively, how much more powerful than theory might it be if one could prove prostitution to be unstoppable. I deploy set theory along with the technique of mathematical induction to prove it. The proof, after a bit of thought, turns out to be stunningly simple.

I have spent every spare moment of the past month trying to find flaws and loopholes, to show I'm being silly. But I cannot as yet. So maybe I'm on a good thing here.

If some logician shows I am using unwarranted assumptions, I'm sunk. But, and this is a very big but, if no-one can find anything wrong, then it's going to make me famous.

But no publisher seems to care.
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1 Response Jan 29, 2012

Naturally speaking, that is in animals, there is no prostitution but there is only rape. The theory you put forth does not really require induction or strong mathematics, if a person wants sex desperately (maniac) and doesn't have a partner, he can rape or go to a prostitute. Since wanting sex is a natural tendency but wanting it desperately is a problem, the number will be few but prostitution will thrive, so will rape.