Fed Up

When I HURT so deeply inside and get so fed up with stuff at home and just can't handle anything anymore, I can't stand to stay in the house. I leave and I just walk around at night for hours and hours; usually around 11 or 12ish though.....
I'm trying to stop cutting, well I kind of have to because my mom now know nad I don't want to get sent to some sort of mental hospital thinggy or something like that. But anyways, I just leave and walk around in the cool air... I could do it for ever it seems like. I try to do this instead of cutting, even though it's unimaginably irresistable..... I've been somehow managing for ablout a week now....
alexeprincess alexeprincess
13-15, F
1 Response Apr 12, 2011

thx, Imma keep trying