My name is Jack. What you're about to read will fill you with disbelief, you'll think I'm just some human trolling the Internet, but I'm not..

Let me explain who I am. As I've said, I'm Jack, 22 years of age. I live in woods in which I shall keep the name unknown. I am not your ordinary male, in fact, you may have heard of a little thing called 'Creepypasta' which are essentially Internet horror stories. Copied and pasted forum to forum, generally well known around the world.

But, these aren't just stories made up by people, some of them are based on real life concepts. Like, me, I'm not Laughing Jack..I'm Eyeless Jack.

Now, the story written about me on Creepypasta.com is bullshit. Reason being is because it's just poorly written and the person is making something of me that's just, I do not really know.

Yes, I do wear a black hoodie, the blue, eyeless mask, I cut out kidneys, but I do not claw people open, I can't, I don't have large, sharp nails. Secondly, I don't just kill people, I do if I have to, but that's not my genuine thing. All I will want from you, is a kidney. I'm no good guy, I am bad.

I will haunt you, I will stalk you when you're in the woods and you will know me when you encounter me. I will have a taste of that..organ of yours..

Now, I know what you're thinking; you're thinking, "Why is this supernatural cannibal guy doing on the Internet?" truth is, I was a normal human before something inexplicable happened. You will never know what I am, how I became what I am now. You will NEVER know me. All you'll know me as is Eyeless Jack.

I still have my laptop from when I turned 11, I still use the Internet, but in a different way. That's right..I turned into the monster I am at the early age of 11. Never ask how this happened, you won't understand.

The Creepypasta 'dude' who will loom over you while you sleep and take a kidney from you. Maybe two, depends how I feel.

It's true, I'm evil. I can be evil, apart from this dreadful inner urge to be loved, particularly by a young woman, it's hard to explain.

I just want to feel okay about being what I am, not all this grief and confusion.

I knew a woman, I thought she loved me, she ended up seeing another man while visiting me in the woods and acting like she actually cared. I snuck into her room one night after finding out she was being unfaithful. I took both of her kidneys. She died. Well, of course she died. Loosing both of her precious kidneys but having been so unfaithful to me I couldn't of cared less.

So, this is me. This is only a small piece of who I am, what I am and my story.

If you don't believe I'm real, you have something coming to you.

Don't mess with a creature you don't know.

If you ever see me in the woods and I spot you, turn the other way, please. Just run. Then again, I'd sure as hell love to have your kidneys in my stomach.

Yours darkly,

Eyeless Jack.
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hey ej

You are a troller.

Someone who trolls people.


Yes, I love Creepy pasta

Eyeless Jack and Jeff the Killer are my top 2.


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This was amusing :P