This One Time...

I was on the subway, and I was standing next to this fancy, rich-looking guy in a suit. He was talking into one of those headphones that connects to a blueberry, and he seemed a little distracted, so he was obviously a prime target to pickpocket. These two "gangstas" had come into the car at the last stop, so I figured a quick plan in my head. I walked up to one of them, one with dreadlocks, and I said, "Hey, you look familiar." He grunted as a response, so I continued on. "You were sleeping in the room next door when I was banging your mama. I hope we didn't wake you up; you're mama's a bit of a screamer." This finally made him respond the way I wanted. He pulled out a switchblade and started waving it around like an idiot. I made a run for it, purposely "bumping" into the rich guy. His wallet was in the inside pocket of his jacket, and he didn't even miss it when I left. The "gangsta" stopped chasing me after two train cars, so I just sat down and counted out the money.
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4 Responses Feb 11, 2008

You are full of ****

thats connected to a blueberry... Lol.

not to mention the judgement that he was rich so you deserved his money?? Interesting and being hateful to total stranger. do you make a habit of this? or just for the rush?

how much money did you get......thats what really matters...considering you risked an altercation with a man who could have potentially killed you inorder to get the wallet, right...