Living Without Crossdressing?

Living without crossdressing? No way, at least, no way for me. What can be my life without dressing feminine. Try to imagine a bird without wings, a bird in a cage... It would not be a life anymore... its would be only suffer. No thanx... My soul want to be free... flying over the clouds, where the sky is always blue... Dressing like a woman, being feminine means this freedom for me, although how much sucks in my life, if crossdress, I happier. I fill up any psychological test as you want, and I didn't care about the result, in my mind I remain Vivien. I started to don't care about peoples opinion, I need my freedom, I will crossdress every day if i want. Anyway, if I act like a normal guy, I can find a bunch of people who have problem with that, if I crossdress the situation is still, so why I need to punish myself with hiding, with every day acting?? The world is colorful, and sooner or later the world need to be change. I wait a quarter of century for that change, seems its not coming or its to slow. It need some effort from me, i will give that effort.
VivienXX VivienXX
26-30, T
1 Response Aug 8, 2010

100% agree with you :-)