I Love To Crossdress

Crossdressing pulls you in. I started wearing mom's clothes when I was 11 or 12.  Curiousity, innocense of a child..call it what you want

I love wearing bras and panties, girdles, nylon stockings, slips, lingerie, dresses, skirts, heels  and blouses.  One can stop for a while but pretty soon the feeling of wanting to dress comes back stronger.  It's been over 45 years now and the desire is still there.to show 

Each day take advantage of the wonderful feelings and sensuality the feminity of being crossdressed.  It is a lovely feeling.

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Same with me, I started in the forties, and continued till I went into the Army, so I stopped for about five years. When I got out I started again, this time, buying my own cloth's, my folk's found out and thew me out of the house. Eventually I got back in. Iv'e been it ever since, and the wonderful feeling of sensuality and femininity are UNBELIEVABLE. tHE FEELING OF ALL THAT SOFTNESS AND MAKE-UP AND NYLONS, BREAST'S, HEELS AND PERFUME ARE TREMOUNDOUS

Yes, they are.

Same with me

Thank you Erika.

Same with me

When did you start?

All life life but really seriously, with my own secret wardrobe about 5 years ago.

i do love my new cloths i wear them when i can i do have some girdles they help get it tucked way got to have flat front

Share your shopping experience with use. What new clothes did you get. I just love girdles too. Do you like the open style girdle or long leg panty style girdle?

Haven't worn one in years

thinks i do have silk skirts maxiedress and my leather dress & 2pr side zip pants my tops are silk to my girdle would more boy leg i do have every good looking legs i think by the way i do have some open style to

haven't worn a girdle in years

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I haven't worn any guys stuff in more than two weeks. Being on disability affords me the luxury of staying en femme all the time. You're rignt. it is a lovely feeling

Glad you enjoyed the stort.

Wish I could say that, after my wife passed, I'd stay n famm all the time, now my daughter lives with me, I have to be careful