Yes I Am

This is an interesting subject which I posted once before but in a rage of guilt deleted it.

You see I am a cross dresser.  I love to look female, I love to be a female, and I love female clothes.

I have been on a quest to discover who I am.  I have always know that I liked cross dressing but I did not know why.  I have been seeing a shrink and he has tried to convince me that I an not that it is all in my head.  I am here to tell you that yes it is in my head and in my soul.  So just exactly what does that mean to be in your soul.

I believe that we are born unisex.  With in the first few minutes our bodies are bombarded with hormones.  If something gets screwed up we get either more or less  male hormones than  is needed.  I believe that I did get less and more female hormones. 

With that said cross dressing is the only way to express my soul and it makes me feel wonderful and alive.

So YES I am a cross dresser and I know it know more than ever.


sharoncd sharoncd
51-55, T
1 Response Mar 5, 2009

sharon, some of your writing rings so true for me . as of late, i to am trying to discover my true self. my crossdressing is so much part of my soul, of who i am, of what i am. and at this present time i must still hide it from most of the world. i see a therapist also, only she tells me i should embrace my feminine side with the world as much as i can tolerate it . (getting over the shame and embarrassment mostly) and enjoy it. the feel of the clothes, the swish of my skirt, the click of my heels on the floor, the look etc. each day as i get older i try to .i hope u do to xoxo honey