I Am A Cross Dresser


i am 36 year old man.I like cross dresssing Not in public. Only while i am

alone at home. My wife even doesn't know about it. I dindn't disclouse

it to any body. But recently I revealed it to my wife.Like a paradox she

loughed. She also doing crossdressing. She use to wear my dress while

she is alone at home,she told me.Oh god i am lucky. now we both go to

stores and purchased suficiant modern boutige for me and her.She helped me

a lot for . Now we both enjoy deep pleasure and entusiasm. While keep it a secret

my dressing was not so good as a woman. But now  I really look like a woman.

It may be a rare experience.

I share it with all crossdressers and request to disclose it to youre spouse


with love


mathews73 mathews73
36-40, T
Feb 23, 2010