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Im A Crossdresser , Now What Lol

over the last few years I've come to terms with being what i am or what it is labeled as a "crossdresser" . i came out to my wife just this last year and praise God she didn't freak out lol well not too much i think it has been a bit obvious (other stories for a later time =P)
i didn't even realize it was crossdressing a few years before that o.o , we talked things through and got some ground rules on when and where i can dress up etc. my wife is awesome to say the least , she isn't a huge supporter of of my crossdressing but excepts me for me and i cant ask for more then that =) . crossdressing for me isn't a sexual thing , i mean yes it can be but that is not why i crossdress. just being at home when everyone is away at school (yup i have kids they rock) or just out and i can doll myself up i feel as if a literal weight has been lifted i cant explain it ,it just feels right to me... most of my jeans are women's, shirts could go either way cept my manly man shirts (flannels lol) , shoe's could go either way as well , but i have a pair of women's sandal's/flip flop's with a bit of a heel to em and i lovezes them v.v hehe , . and im a bit obsessed with nail polish mwahahaha i paint my nails and toes as well , girl or guy mode i gotta match or my ocd kicks in till i do lols . well ive got more but i has gots to go .

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Let me assure you your pretty and I support your needs

I wrote this to AZMichelle, but you should read it for yourself..." you need to exit your self imposed CDCloset and find out that there are many people outside who will not only accept who you are but who will be attracted to you. They are out there. You will find them and they will find you and then you not only will be accepted but sought after. At that point you will no longer have to wonder, you are accepted!" I believe that you may be suppressing the sexual component too much. You wrote: "crossdressing for me isn't a sexual thing , i mean yes it can be..." If you were to say the sexual thing for me in crossdressing is... What would you say it was? In my experience they want to treated like a woman by a man, which includes being sexual with the man, to further experience of becoming a completed woman. You can reply by message if you want to explore further.

If your experience with crossdressers is that they want to be treated like a woman by a man, your experience is extremely limited. For some, that is certainly true; for others, just the feeling of being dressed like a woman is in and of itself a sexual thrill without the need for a partner. And for freaks like me who defy other categories, there's just the simple comfort and relaxing peace that comes from shedding the pants and slipping into a soft dress, no sex of any kind required.

Being able to tell someone is a weight off your shoulders right there, to have that person be supportive, even in the slightest way is even better. You are a very lucky gal ;-)

yep - I feel your lifted wieght- I just wish it wasn't such a scandal to be dressed - especilly out and about ..doinng the daily routines. The though has crossed my mind to maybe get into the sex shop business and maybe move into the more widely known areas of cd, lb, tv 's to possibly be comfortable in dress in that enviro ?!!? Still contemplating the idea..