Crossdressed For Life

I have crossdressed since I was a preteen. I love how I look and feel when wearing pretty feminine clothes and feel so confident and relaxed in who I am. When dressed I transform totally to the person I really am and able to express the emotions that I could never display as a male. Why would I not like me?
BrigitteB BrigitteB
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I absolutely agree with you.I feel like a more compassionate, caring person, and alive with curiosity, fantasy, and excitement.


I agree! I'm a very different person when dressed as well. I'm softer, more relaxed, and it feels so natural! The more feminine I dress, the more I act that way, down to my walk, (swaying my hips) the way I sit , even the way I move my hands and smoke a cig. -Kattie

I just live feminine tgirls.

i like you and me iamm the same as you but... m ywife dont like me in my lingere first i star with her panties after long tim eshe start and put her panties in my lingere ,the same story with pantyhose now i buy for myself and hve full drawer differnt PH becouse i wear daily i need it more and more and needed the other lingere camisole ,bra ..kiss Briggitte