So I have a few stories with shopping and I guess and I will share a few this evening, lets start it off with my favorite.

The Game

So as me and my best friend always do when we go shopping is cross dress and tease grown men so we can see if they figure out that were boys. The best time we did this was with our boyfriends, now let me give you a little preference of my friend and his boyfriend. My best friend is a very girly boy he could easily pass as a girl with long blond hair perfect face and eyes and skin, he is the perfect sissyboy. He makes my **** hard hes that cute, and with this perfect cocktease outfit, short shorts with pink panties and this tang top and a large pink bow. His smile is so sexy. His boyfriend was the ultra jock he even wore his football outfit making my boyfriend the soccer player sissy. So my best friend and I are shopping are bfs laughing as the men check us out and such. We continue shopping for an hour until this man and what we assumed his daughter come in. This man comes in and stands right behind me and whispers in my ear.
"Hello sissyboi are you looking for a daddy?" He said. I **** you not he said this I turn bright red and back off a bit.
"" I stutter out my best friend running over and looking at him glaring.
"Pervert! Our boyfriends will kick your ***!"
"I was just asking, my sissyboy son over there noticed your friends *****." As I said I **** you not, we both notice at that moment his 'daughter' had a ***** himself and was smiling waving to us. It ended with all three of us going shopping his dad leaving us to be girls
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i had a young girl, in maceys lingerie dept, once when i was buying a pair of long satin gloves, "those will be nice... if you can get them on". she was dead serious, and i turned red, and took off after paying quickly. later , i wished i would have went back to talk to her,but didn't.
another time, a real distinctive looking middle aged lady, made a comment, at a store as i was paying for a pair of 4 inch black heels... she asked if they fit ok. then smiled at me. her, and the manager lady both smiled, and i said yes quickly, and paid,and left.
i wish also that i would have went back later to look around, and talk, but they were so busy. i really wanted to ask if they had them in red too. lol

this was a few years ago, and haven't been active in dressing lately, i guess cause it is so rare, around here, and i just thought i lost intrest in it.
but like a lot have said on here..... the feeling to be a needed sissy never really goes away.

No kidding its been a while since winter began since I got a chance to dress and get all girly, and shave before going out but I plan on doing it once it warms up, if you lived close we could go out together ^^