Coming Out

Hopefully I will not lose friends over this, but I feel it's about time to come out of my shell and tell people about the other side of me. I love to crossdress. Do I want FtM surgery? No. I just like to crossdress. Please do not label me as a transgender, I have no interest in it.

Some of my other friends, are cross dressers as well. They had asked me if I would cross dress with them on a night out. I did what they did, made sure I looked the part and even gave myself a name: Reed. Of course, I don't need to be called this ALL the time. My real name is just fine used when I am not crossdressing, in fact, I prefer it.

I feel comfortable with myself crossdressing and I will not press myself and my feelings onto you, so long as you're okay with it. I will not hang out with you, if you so feel that way, I don't have to do it around you but I am going to do it, regardless of your choice that you make for yourself.

As far as dating goes, I will not crossdress during outings or any intimate moments, nothing. As I've said before, I will not press this onto you and I don't feel that it's wise on my part. It's just something I do for fun, not something that I have to do to satisfy any needs. It's not a must, it's not a desperate cry for help. I am just me, nothing else at all. :)
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I like that people Like to cross dress. I would like to meet a woman who does. I am glad you are comfortable with it. I have never seen a woman who does it. but I would like to.

I would've absolutely loved to be with a women who cross-dressed. Just to let you know guys like us do exist.

Hey! I think you're the first female crossdresser that I've come across! Congrats on becoming more comfortable with yourself!

Thanks :)

1. You look F.I.E.R.C.E in your current profile picture, love it!
2. Congratulations on coming out as a cross dresser! I myself am not a cross dresser. I think it should be celebrated when people....., how can I say this. Find their place if you know what I mean. So yeah, go gurrl! :)

Aww thanks :)


You are so beautiful. I couldn't imagine anything you wearing diminishing that.

um.. I wear it because I feel comfortable and happy, not because I want to confuse people or anything.

Thats cool. All I am saying is "You're beautiful and I couldn't imagine that could change due to your choice in attire."

Very interesting story. I have friends that belong to an FtM crossdressing troupe. They do skits and karaoke and stuff, it's a great time. I also love the name you chose. I've always been a little curious about trying it myself. The idea of changing your gender identity for a night is very intriguing. Any friends you lose for this weren't real friends anyway :)

Thank you :)

That sounds very interesting, to go out singing and dancing. I have went out to a gay bar crossdressed a few times but I probably won't be fully comfortable with it until everyone knows. I love doing it though, it really makes me feel good about myself as if I can have the best of both.

How interesting.

tell me more about this. I live a sheltered life. So do you act all tough when you go out dressed like a man or try to pick up a girl? what do you do if a gal comes up to you and wants to hang out.ect?

oh..oh no I don't do that. I've always kept straight people off limits unless they've approached me and have felt comfortable enough with what I do. Otherwise, no. I do not go for straight females at all and while I'm dressed as a guy, I will not go after any guys. I do it to make myself feel comfortable and it helps me express who I am as a person. I'm not looking for anyone or anything in particular, I'm just being myself.

If a girl came up to me and started flirting I would be blunt and tell her exactly what I am and let her decide then. If she walks away, I wouldn't care. If she so happens to slap me I would give her the how to ( verbally ) that she was the one who approached me and I didn't deserve that. Thankfully, that has never happened before but I am prepared just in case.

If she just wants to hang out, like friends, I would tell her. I wouldn't keep any secrets about it, I would let her know that it's just me and nothing much else to it, you know?

Answering your first question, no, I don't act tough or try to be a typical guy because that wouldn't be me. If I where to TRY to act more like a guy, that would come off as a try hard and I don't like that. I would rather be myself and even if that makes me look a little gay ( as in male gay ) then so be it. I'm not going to change my personality, Reed isn't my alter ego, he's just my male side of me.

thanks for explaining! You sound like a sweet person. was you what they call a tom boy while you grow up?

Oh man, no...I was not a tomboy and I'm certainly not one now!! I could see where that would make more sense but no, I'm not a tomboy. I've always been that girly girl you see wearing cute stuff or even shirts with Obama riding a unicorn!!

And thanks! You seem like a sweet person yourself :)

Hi. I think its a beautiful thing to be yourself. To change your appearance is harmless and experimental. We have the right to do what we want. If other people dont understan you or me. That isnt really or business. Protect children and volunteer in the community every day by doing something nice or saying something positive to someone everyday. What you wear and why you wear it is irrelevant to you as a person. Doing or dressing different is bold and brave. This is supposed to be a free country. Too bad it dosnt feel like it. .....Rock on babe!

aww thank you for such a sweet comment!! Rock on too you too!



Be who you are. Enjoy the moment.

Thanks :)

BFD!! Girls have been doing that for ever. No one says a thing but let just one guy do it and the world comes to an end for him.

Actually, girls get it just as much as guys do. Guys doing it will get beat up by other guys but not girls because usually girls would be best friends with a guy who does that. Girls who do it get the negative comments from both girls and guys. Like I understand that you're a guy yourself but us girls get it just as bad as guys do.

You have no idea how many negative messages I'm receiving after I posted this, so before you say anything like that, don't you dare say " big ******* deal " because you're basically making it look like we get away with it scott free. Take a look at the other side before you talk. Learn about it because what you just said, was really condescending and rude and not only to me but the rest of the girls like me.


Thank you for your words as they helped me learn a new thing. :D

no problem :)

Good for you. Do what you want and screw what anyone else thinks - you aren't harming anyone, so why should they care?

Exactly. It's not like I stare at them for what they're wearing. I don't sit there and say " You can't wear that because that's now how society dresses!" if you wanna have a proper and quiet outing then sit down, shut up and perhaps turn around if it bothers you that much.

what you wear does not change who you are on the inside you still the same person people worry to much about what people look on the outside and not whats on the inside you are still the same person to me what every you wear

Thanks :)

I don't understand the whole "coming out" thing. Why come out to someone who isn't affected by your choice?

I think you have the whole coming out thing wrong. Have you ever came out to people who where affected by you or did you not even know before you came out? I don't know who's going to be affected by it and who isn't. A few people know but I've told them to keep it a secret because I only did it a few times with my friends at a gay bar and no one noticed me there. I never came out to my parents, grandparents, some of my friends, my brother, people at my school and so on. Not like I would come out to people at my school but you know what i mean.

Coming out isn't about no one knowing. My friends who took me out don't even know that i enjoy crossdressing or am a crossdresser they just thought I was doing it for fun. And you know, it kinda makes me upset that you ask cause it's like you're saying only a certain type of homosexual can come out and be themselves. I can lose everyone I know or I can't, who really knows.

I didn't mean to upset. I was being sincerely stupid. I really don't get the whole "coming out" thing. I guess I'll have to Google it to understand it better.

Coming out is like the grand opening of being gay. You know how grand openings work? Everyone realizes it. Not just one or two, but everyone. Some people do take tiny steps and open up to some here and there and then there are people who don't have to at all, which are the lucky ones.

But coming out is extremely hard. Even though you know they won't flip out, you're still not 100% sure and that 5% is what makes you worried and scared. Sometimes people have families who will probably flip out and do and even kick them out of their own homes. That right there, is a moment where you wish you'd never told your family and waited until you go out of the house. You know?

I understand better now. Thanx! And my question before was pretty dumb now that I look at it. Even if you only want to tell the ppl you plan on sexing about your sexual preference, there are still others you won't be sexing that should know like family and friends and such.

um..that's not really how it works. People who are gay don't just have sex. They have functional relationships and if someone was out there being promiscuous that would be bad news but it's not what we do. We have relationships just like everyone else and what would be the point of a relationship if you don't tell your family and friends?

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Kinda way less creepy when a girl does it mabe I believe more in double standards then I thought

I get ya. Not saying that I think they're creepy too but the make up is a bit too much sometimes.

short and sweet. :)

Thanks :)

Soooo?? Are you dressing up as a man? Or are you dressing up as a woman?and do you ever try to derss gender NEUTRAL just to screw w peoples heads???

I dress up as a woman. I am all female. No. I doubt that I would ever get away with neutral.