How I Started

I started crossdressing again about 5 years ago, but i first crossdressed when i was about 8 or 9 years old. My younger sister an i had our clothes in the same dresser draw, one side was hers the other mine an it was in my room. I dont no why but i would wake up early go to the dresser an get a hand full of my sisters panties than get back in bed and try them on. One day she had her one piece swimsuit in there so i put that on, i really liked the feeling of the swimsuit against my skin. This went on for about 3 months then i just stopped putting the panties an swimsuit on. About 5 years ago i just started doing it again but i wear outfits that i buy myself.
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Thank you for your question. No, I dont think she did. I dont know why i stopped, But i am happy that i have started doing it again.

Good for you dear! How and why you stopped borrowing you younger sister's panties after having tried them for 3 months and now about 20 years later you are dressing again is amazing. But now you are dressing again and buying your own outfits ...
Did your sister find out?