Lipstick Love

Lipstick is definitely my favourite part of a makeup session. It's the last thing you put on and is the crowning glory to all your hard work.
I love to watch tranny **** and whilst blow jobs, anal, 69's are all great to watch my favourite thing to watch is when two tgirls are sitting on a couch or side of a bed and deep kiss each other whilst wanking each other off. It's something I'm dying to do, a lovely lipstick snog.
My wife is not very tolerant about my transvestism but on the odd occasion she'll indulge me, (usually just put her panties on me) she does seem to enjoy putting heavy lipstick on both of us and then having a very deep kissing session, but only with the light off .
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4 Responses Nov 29, 2012

lipstick snogging with a fellow tranny is an ultimate turn on mmmmm

You're so lucky, the only thing i get away with is occasionally wearing her stockings for bedroom fun. Although she did paint my nails pink once, she did'nt know how much a turn on that was though, i keep hinting for her to do it again, still waiting!

The very first instance my wife applied lipstick to my lips, I felt the first of many delights to welcome my body to another part of my demeanor. I don’t wear lipstick regularly, but choose to when meeting special lovers who care and understand me.

here is a couple o' gals i met on the internet:

just imagine, taint for breakfast or lunch - some variety for dinner ;-o

mmm - mmm guud !