I sometimes keep a small card in my wallet with a picture of sexy red lips. On the lips are the words "Penis Garage". I have an unbreakable rule that when the card is in my wallet I actually have "Penis Garage" tattooed on my lips. That forces me to wear red lipstick wherever I go to cover up the embarrassing tattoo. There are obviously a lot of times when wearing lipstick in public is humiliating, but I force myself to believe I really do have "Penis garage" tattooed on my lips. My push to believe is so strong I always do wear red lipstick in public if I have the "Penis Garage" card. When I get dressed in the morning I sometimes take the card out of my wallet, but sometimes I don't and when I put my wallet in my pocket I am immediately required to put my red lipstick on, which I do, and I never take it off until bed time when I put my wallet on the dresser.
Robertredlips Robertredlips
56-60, M
Aug 22, 2014