Lipstick Is So Feminine

 i love lipstick i remember as a you boy trying moms lipstick and loving it but not being sure why and as i got older i would borrow my sisters and by this stage i had figured out that i loved to wear female lingerie and clothes. so lipstick just went along with the cross dressing and not much has changed i am still into lipstick very much i think it it so sexy to cover my lips in lipstick i go though stages as to my favorite color is for a long time it was different shades of red just loved red. but now i have changed it goes from pale pink to dark brown almost black. so i am a cross dresser and i definitely love lipstick.

jarviscooper jarviscooper
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2 Responses Nov 25, 2009

i also love wearing lipstick

UMMMM lipstick it is the finishing touch to a make up I use abrush tom outline the lips then fill them in.<br />
Blot with a tissue and then apply the lipstick again the feeling of it on my mouth is terific !!!<br />
At the moment my favoutite colour is mettalic copper tone gorgeous.