Now, I Wouldn't Be Without Lipstick. Joy To The World

A while ago, reading EP, I thought that wearing lipstick sounded like fun.

Believe me, it is !

Bought some, went through the usual, with "BRIGHT RED" being the thing around the house.

Eventually, I decided that I liked the silky feeling on my lips. ---And another thing, when wearing a lesser colour, actually a Rimmel infinite colour, with its holdup, which just really brightens up my own lip colour, People that I talked to LISTENED more attentavely!

As a salesman, this really helped.

So, now, outside, my life has brightened considerably, and i feel better, and a bit sexy !

It's all GOOD !

Try it, with a bit of eye, and you'll never go back !



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2 Responses Mar 9, 2010

I wear a pink gloss always when I travel. I makes me feel so feminine!<br />
Huggs,<br />

I agree! I wear lip gloss almost everyday! I think people do pay more attention to you!