Did It And Loved It!

Hi everyone!
Soif any of you have ever read my other stories, you should knowthat my mom is really suportive, about my crossdressing, well if you didnt, go read my other stories to get a bit more detail about it.


This actually hapened last friday, so as some of you may know my mom bought me a couple different things for my birthday a couple monthes back, and two of them were bras. One padded and one non paded. So bythis friday I already wore a couple diferent types of panties to school, for example normal panties and a thong!
The best part is my mom really enjoys it when I crossdresses! so she encourags me to crossdress as much as possible.

So today mymom came up to me in the morning and said thatI shouldtry to wear a bra to school! so obiously I was kind of scared but at the same time very excited! she said to wear the non-padded braso no body could see the outlines of it. She also said to wear a hoodie, to cover it up
even more (just in case). So I did it.

So at school at last period, one of the girls noticed one of the staps when I stood up to go to the bathroom. when I got bad tomy desk, she looked at me,pointed to her own straps (indicating that she saw mine) and smiled! I was really scared at that moment, for obviouse reasons!

After class she caught up to me and all the said was, "I think thats really hot, you should do it again." andwalked away. I knew felt really proud that I mangedto pull it off! And now im most likely going to keep wearing that bra to school!
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4 Responses Dec 7, 2012

Obviously, Ashley, you have a great mom and it sounds like the start of what could become a great friendship with that girl in your class at school.

Your mom is so cool to bu
y you bras and panties for your birthday. It took real courage to wear your bra to school.

hey I really want to wear a bra to school and panties any tips on how to hide them?

Wow thats brave of you. And its great that that girl liked it :)