My Wife Found Out!

I have been cross dressing for the last 50 years and married for the last 40.(2 wives). A couple of years ago my wife found a pair of my satin french knickers. I had dropped them and they had vanished, but as nothing was said, I thought I had just misplaced them. A while later, she discovered my wig and confronted me about it. I confessed my crossdressing which caused much upset. My wardrobe had to go, luckily only into storage. The next day the missing knickers reappeared where I could easily find them. I genuinely thanked my wife for their return but she denied all knowledge of their vanishing act, and has maintained that stance. Although she will not tolerate me dressing at home,even in secret, she conceded that wearing knickers at times would be out of sight out of mind. I now wear feminine satin and lace knickers all the time under my male clothes unbeknown to my wife. At times this is supplemented by hold up stockings and bronze nail varnish on my toe nails. Not an ideal situation, I miss my petticoats, make up and heels. But needs must.

Emmajay. xx
emmajay emmajay
66-70, T
Dec 13, 2012