The Thrill Is Gone But The Urge Is Stronger Than Ever.

I am 60 years old and a lifetime crossdresser. I started when I was five, trying on my sisters' new dress. As a young teen would ********** in panties. Wearing women's clothes never failed to excite me sexually. Sadly, as an old man with low testosterone it's nearly impossible for me to get an erection. The urge to dress is stronger than ever, however. As I am divorced and living alone I have ample opportunities to indulge myself.
This year for Halloween I'm really going to do that. My plan is to get myself totally feminized and live for at least a week as a woman. I'm already assembling my wardrobe. I went online and purchased my first set of breastforms. I wore them for three days straight until the glue let loose as I slept last night. Fascinating experience.
I'm looking for a salon that can totally feminize me with long-lasting make-up. My hair is fairly long so I want it styled and cut very appropriately for a mature woman. I've been shopping in thrift stores for dresses and accessories to augment my meager collection. I really need some new shoes as I have trouble in high heels. Some flats or low-heel shoes would be great and could show off my pretty pedicure.
My plan would force me to go out occasionally. Grocery shopping, cruising the mall, wine shopping would all have to be done somewhere I don't usually go. Because of my age, I don't anticipate too many problems. I'll be matronly not a babe. If some older man should chat me up though, I don't think I'd object. I don't go to bars anymore so I won't face that problem. I'm not gay but you could say I am bi-curious. I'd like to try kissing a man and fondling his penis. I don't think I could do him orally but I might offer him my man *****. Lord knows I've serviced myself like that before. I wonder if the experience would get me hard again?
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I know you posted this some time ago. I wonder how it is going. Just to add and for anyone reading it is significant as an older man your testosterone was plummeting. And often this is where men who like to wear dresses, skirts, petticoats, aprons etc start to swing round and indulge. Even in a marriage the partners swap roles - the woman having a deeper voice and being more assertive as the man puts on an apron and maybe wears more feminine attire, slipping into the wife's role. Maybe even a retaking of vows with the man now wearing a wedding dress.

Do you wear slips too?

If you are having problems with testosterone and erectile dysfunction, perhaps you should consider consulting a doctor or urologist? You are still too young to stop having sex and your problem might be easily fixed.

Hope you find that special someone who will make you happy!

Thanks, but I don't want that. I am transgender and live as a woman now, full time. I hope to be on hormones soon as well and the low testosterone will make that easier. Thanks again

It is refreshing to know you are honoring your age by dressing age appropriately, as do I!

I agree Phxpaulena - Nice that he is dressing more matronly for his older ladies role. Perhaps a nice calf-length pleated skirt, lined, with a nice nylon waist petticoat/underskirt worn underneath it and sensible shoes.On top a nice lace satin bra and silky camisole over with a sating blouse perhaps? Nice to have a proper ladies hair cut too.

One does not have to dress like the Dowger Lady Grandtham, but one over 50 should not be dressing like Paris Hilton either.

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Way to go i am like u but at 72 i guess i wont make it all the way

I don't want to lose two years of living as a woman to surgically become one. Homones will help give me the body I want and real breasts one day. Best of luck to you

And have you ever noticed too, the wife does the driving and the husband is the passenger?

Go for it brother we only live once, I love putting on my wifes panties and she dosen't mind sharing. I love to keep my under arms and crouch shaved and spend the morning with my butt plug in place, it felt great to walk out in the yard nude with just a butt plug to go feed the dogs. I give my self Testosterone injuction every three weeks that helps a lot with the way I feel day to day you should ask your doc. I tried to add you as a friend but for some reason it won't let me ????

Go for it gurl!!! I've been wearing heels for about mos now and have no trouble walking in them any more. Just takes practice and the right size. You would look so much sexier and more gurly if you were to wear heels for that week. You might want to consider it. I wish I were in your situation to have the choice to go en fem all the time if I wanted to. Good luck with your trial week. Let me know how it goes ok?

Girlfriend, I will be posing about it every day. Here and with the "In touch with my feminine side" group

Keep me posted on development (sic) in this area. I'm leery of herbal products but if they work and there are no side effects, I would really like real breasts.

If you want real breasts us what I use Pueraria mirifica 500mg twice a day the only side effect is that your penis and balls will shrink but you will be able to enjoy having sex as a woman as I do.

I have seen the doctor who has to approve me for hormones, unfortunately my blood pressure was high that day so she gave me come medicines to get that under control and ordered me to quit smoking before she will approve me. I want them so bad I am trying to quit but still haven't even though I wear a patch everydays