Proud To Be Here

It's nice to see 561 other people who share the same interest as me here. I wish our numbers here were in th thousands. But this is just one group on one site. I believe our numbers are in the millions. Most just don't talk about it or wish to share it with others.
I have been interested in femininity as far back as I can remember. When I was about 5 or 6 I remember looking at the little girls differently than my friends who did not like girls. I not only liked the girls, but wanted to play with them and be one of them.
It wasn't untill I was 10 years old that I got my first chance to play dress-up with my sister. From that point on I was hooked and have never stopped wearing feminine clothes every chance I get.
I very much love lingerie. I sleep in a nightgown every night and I wear womens undergarments. Slips, panties, bras, and nylons. I love the feel of the silky soft fabrics carressing my body, but it goes beyond that. I also enjoy looking and feeling feminine. When I get the chance to totally transform myself with wig, breast forms, make-up and a pretty dress the feeling of total freedom comes over me. I feel pretty, desirable, loveable... I feel worthy of expressing my sensitivity. Smiling comes easy, I can enjoy giggling or cring if I feel like it.
I'm proud to be a crossdresser and amongst friends. I feel our ability to cross over to the other side of the fence and experience and enjoy what femininity has to offer makes us more complete of a person than other men who live shallow lives.
If you think about it, women enjoy an open gate. They can freely cross from one side of the fence to the other and be anywhere inbetween. Why can't we?
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5 Responses Nov 4, 2012

so agree with your comments

i am openly trying to ope this gate as i wear womens cloths all the time but no wig or breast forms

i do have my hair in a ponytail and wear a padded bra to give a hint of shape

and also eye and lip make up at work eveyday

work have started an lgbt forum and they went so far as to light up one of thier buildings in rainbow colours this year to demonstrate inclusion so i feel we may be getting somewhere

although homophobia is still rife

You are living the dream as far as i`m concerned. I`ve always had the urge to wear nice girly things, and I have worn some items; but I admire you for wearing lingerie in public.

This has been my "pet peeve" for as long as I can remember! If we have equality, then either sex should be able to dress in public in a dress or in pants with no repercussions. Society has apparently given that freedom only to women, not to men.

We can we just have to be willing to outside the bounds of normal society and do it. I love it and love the softer side of being feminine no only in te clothes but inside as well.

You are my type of person .