I Can't Stop Thinking About Cross Dressing

It in my every thought, while awake or in my dreams sleeping. I am fortunate to have a almost natural smooth body. But hair I have i shave or groom. Luv the way my silky/nylons feel against my smooth legs and ***. Luv the way i sit and present myself when wearing a skirt. The feel of my breast form snug against my body with the bra. The reflexsion of myself in mirrors and objects make me feel so much of a woman. The gathering of others alike at events and clubs, to have girl chat, pass on and except tips and compliments lifts my spirts.
I am a cross dresser and I love doing it

ericaboomer ericaboomer
3 Responses Nov 27, 2012

I can relate. I am just starting, but its all I can think about. I have trouble sleeping because I'm so excited about prospect of getting dressed.<br />
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I wish I could find others to share stories and dressing tips with.

I too am a crossdressser that can't stop thinking about my thong, nylons and bra that I wear under my day clothes at work. I find myself wishing I could just come to work in a dress but know that would never be accepted.
I just wish everyone could accept people for who they are.

Good for you Erica .... you've come a long way to accept yourself, which is great, and like myself you too have found others accept you as well.

Ty, now if only the rest of the world......

I know what you mean, Erica, but that is life. But I still believe if we accept ourselves, not all the rest of the world will accept us, but a surprising number will and do. It is that when fit into their box ... man or woman, and if we live within what people consider acceptable looks and behavior for women in society, it doesn't really matter to most that we have a little birth defect between our legs ... society isn't doing a pelvic exam.