I Don't Know If There Are More Of Us Or Just More Of Us On The Web

I've been a closet crossdresser for years having started with the fascination of my sister's nylon panties may years ago. Hmm - sound familiar? (Or Mom or Aunt or Cousin - pick your female relative) But anyway, I think as we all recall, those first samples of crossdressing were sexually exciting for us. Now, being curious folk, I would imagine that quite a few pubescent boys who had access to women's things probably tried the same thing we did. I daresay, most of them may have tried on women's garments and said "interesting" and then stopped. Others, like us, became more curious about women's things and progressed to - probably - the full range of undies, panties, bras, stockings, slips etc and then on to dresses. Some others went on to wigs, make-up, shaving - the full transformation. Then some more went on to change gender. I won't even attempt to guess why - that's for the psychologists.

My point is this. Only a small fraction of men move into the category where they identify themselves as crossdressers. And I don't beleive that percentage is increasing significantly. There is no societal shift going on that says - "Hey, it's really cool to become a CD - let's all start wearing a bra and panties"

The percentage of those of us who moved beyong mere experimentation is probably relatively static. However, because we are for the most part viewed as "wierd" and in some circles as perverts, we keep ourselves hidden and we only come out in a few mostly urban, liberal minded areas. And those of us who do come out in public often do so at the risk of our careers and marriages. So, we come out anonymously here on the internet.

The interesting thing is that I don't think anyone really knows is what that percentage of men who have moved beyond experimentation into crossdressing (or more) really is. Again, we are a hidden group. There have been studies that indicate anywhere between 1 in 20 to 1 in 50 may wear female underwear on occasion and the percentages go lower for those who dress more openly. But who really knows?

What has really changed though is access to the internet and sites like this where we can reach out to like minded folks and share our experiences. As more of us find and participate in sites like this, then maybe some statistician researcher can make a more accurate guess of how many of us there really are
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You may be right. It's difficult to say for certain. I will agree with your point that there is an erotic side to crossdressing for most of us. While that may have faded or does fade over time, many of us started because of the sexual thrill of it and in many cases, I think that thrill is stil there - at least in part. So, crossdressing can evoke somewhat of a Pavlovian response. Crossdress then release and we keep coming back for more.

I think more men are into panties than admit it, str8 with an erectio wearing panties is not that spoken about, my wife loves my submissive side while i wear panties and do house work with an erectio. sissy is kinky fun for me, sure i am curious but married, wife can entertain me with hours of attention!

Maybe our numbers are not growing but I feel there are alot more of us out there than the numbers show. It's to bad we have to be so secretive about something that gives so much pleasure.

Lots of men wear lingerie but no one knows as it is there secret, sites like EP open it up a bit more. It is so lovely to wear silky lingerie daily.

I agree I don't think our numbers are growing. There's just more outlets for us to share our interest with other like minded people.
For me when I'm on EP I feel like every guy in the world enjoys crossdressing. There are so many groups and countless numbers of stories on crossdressing. I am a member of about 60 groups on crossdressing and lingerie and I probably could join 100's more. I have so many friends and fans here. I'm sure there is a lot more to EP than crossdressing I've just never looked beyond my personal interests. To me EP is just this big crossdressing community. I Love It!!

I could not agree with you more. I'm sure there are many of us. However we are and will remain pretty much an invisible group as long as we have so much to lose - marriage, job, even friends. Interestingly, we are probably the least threatening group to anyone because most of us are so private and low key.

I believe 10% is an "estimate from above", because nobody has counted. Even if it includes everybody from somebody who has just tried some womens clothing to somebody who tries to pass fully dressed. Dr. Coleman is one of us, as I understand.But yes, even if it is less than 10%, there are millions of us in the world, and yes, most of us are secretive. Those who are not, are often those who have less to lose - the gay and transgendered who do not have a traditional family anyway. But the majority is straight people, mostly very secretive in the "real" life. And yes, Internet makes us more open. I posted a story in this group a couple of months ago, and it is down on the list, and this is not the most active group about crossdressing.

At that rate, you're right - millions. But if there are that many, then we are even more secretive than the CIA.

As I pointed out in my story, there are some researchers who have put it at 10%.
"More conservative estimates put the number of occasional or regular transvestites at around 10% of the male population in most developed countries." That makes millions!

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