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Becoming Transgender

I Have A Cheerleader Uniform Fetish......

When I was in high school, i've always wanted to be in cheerleading. I liked it when the girls would go out o the field in thier vest tops and skirts to cheer the team on. In my senior year, i had that chance to become a cheerleader...i showed the coach that i can do a roundoff to 3 back handsprings without havig any gymnastic experience and she put me on the squad. But I didn,t feel comfortable with the shirt and shorts the boys were having to wear. so since i have bee growig up i have had this fetish that i want to wear cheerleader uniforms to make me feel good, nut i was always called a "*** or gay", but never in my life did I feel that way I just like the way they feel and look on me.

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Cheerliy Confused
ShelleyAnnDowney ShelleyAnnDowney 36-40, F 6 Responses Dec 27, 2012

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I like to wear cheerleader uniforms as well especially when swimming

I'd like to wear that too. :)

Hi im lisa54. and when I was in high school ive always wanted to wear a cheerleader out fit the girl next door let me wear her outfit once and I loved the way I felt. she liked it to what she saw me in it. her mother and her never told my parents or I would of got in trouble.

did you ever get one of your own

Hi ShelleyAnnDowney. im lisa54. No I would of love to but my father would of gave me the beating of my life.It was bad enough when I was caught wearing panties.


hi Michelle its shelleyanndowney miss you I got more outfits but can't upload them yet

I'd love to wear a girls cheerleading out fit. I always loved those and gymnastics and ice skating outfits with the little frilly skirts. I was always jealous that the girls got to wear those outfits skating with those nice little white skates. Bathing suits are the same thing, was always jealous and would go off by myself in the summer time to little secluded spots to swim in a nice girls bathingsuit.

do you have any

I have a bathingsuit with an attached frilly skirt but alas, no cheerleader, gymnast, or skating outfit... might have to try to find a good place to buy them for my size.

Fabulous sweetie