I don't consider myself a crossdresser. I do wear a lot of things that women wear... nail polish, panties, nylons, skirts, heels, sandals, sneakers, hiking boots, shorts, jeans, sweaters and sweatshirts.. but I don't believe clothes have a gender, and I think it's sexist to say that a piece of clothing is "acceptable" for only one sex. Instead, I consider all clothes to be unisex, and I wear what I like depending on how I feel and how pretty I want to be. I am a crossdresser in the eyes of many - but only in proportion to the strength of their sexist prejudices. Someday, when anything that is "acceptable" for anyone is acceptable for everyone, and there is no sexist prejudice in fashion and clothing, then there will be no such thing as "crossdressing".
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I totaly agree with you,,,, clothes dont have a gender, i just wish that one day all clothes are unisex. What really ****** me off is if a girl wears boys underwear shes NOT a crossdresser, but if a man wears girls underwear he IS.

Interesting discussion and thank you for opening up the topic. When I cross dress, I let loose those parts of me that are stereotypical femme traits, so I understand your comment about sexist prejudices. But I kind of like doing it that way. I recognize my prejudices are just that, so they lose their power. They don't limit my view of or respect for women, but, like any kind of roleplay, I like being lost in those stereotypes. So maybe our experiences and goals are different?

I agree. Certainly, I don't think that anyone would suggest that you wear "women's clothes" in order to demean or disrespect women - it's more of a tribute, a defiance of the SOCIETAL prejudice which says that "men like you demean yourselves by wearing girly things". Technically, "sexism" (and "sexist") don't have to be negatives - many "...ism"s are simply "the interpretation of things from a specific point of reference". Examples of positive "...ism"s include Feminism, environmentalism, humanitarianism, altruism, (sometimes) evangelism... In your case, the sexism inherent in "I love to wear feminine clothes and express the feminine aspects of my personality", is a POSITIVE expression of sexism - in the same way that "I grow my own food and recycle everything I can" is a positive expression of environmentalism. Where the same sexism becomes negative, is when someone uses it as the basis for judging others - that's when it becomes sexist prejudice.

I have to generally agree with you but I believe that when "anything is acceptable for anyone" we will have reached a point where only a small selection of uni-sex uniforms will be available for everyone to wear. It will not become accepted for men to wear women's clothing rather the uni-sex outfit will be all that there is.

I hope it never comes to that, it's the variety and beauty available in female clothing that makes it so wonderful. So boring if we all dressed alike. Concerning goals: I'm a bi male submissive, started out with the idea that partially crossdressing (not attempting to pass, 'though I can), would be humiliating, that was my goal. Interestingly, I instead found it can, depending on circumstances, be very liberating.

Amen to that!!