When Happy Boys Want To Be Girls

I was just wasting a little Sunday morning time on the internet under the search command "boys who want to be girls" when I found the most recent entry was from China (China.org.cn to be exact. The article was entitled "When Happy Boys Want to be Girls" and was all about the latest hit TV (no pun intended) in China that is a sort of American Idol that features only boys performing as girls. Apparently they are enchanting China. While the writer, and the viewing audiences, were impressed with how natural and good they looked, I was impressed with what they are called, "happy boys." All the other articles in the search category were serious essays about why a boy would want to be a girl. The ranged from sympathetic to analytical and they were all wrong. The Chinese had it right. Boys who want to be girls are "happy boys." No, they were not gay, and they were not transsexuals, they were merely "happy" boys. I know that right now all of us who love to dress up, to be girls, get it. We do it because it makes us happy! It’s that plain and simple.

Someone finally got it right. Boys who want, (make that, who get), to be girls are happy boys! (The article is at http://www.china.org.cn/arts/2010-05/11/content_20017116.htm if you want to see it.)

The one question that you hear both men and women ask that always makes me cringe is, "Why would a boy `want’ to be a girl?" I always think to myself, "how can you `not’ want to be a girl?" Doesn’t "happy" count as a good reason?! 

Earrings, lipstick, heels, stockings, lingerie, purses, bright sexy dresses, delicate feminine things, walking with a flounce, a bounce and a swish … being happy … kiss ...  how can they even imagine such a crazy question?


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You are 1000% right, Cherry! Well said. Thanks for the link. Let's hope some TV station in the US will imitate the Chinese...

Oh, thank you this story, and of course the link too... <br />
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Being girly is good, wearing pretty clothes, makeup, etc.. I feel much better myself, when i dressed girly. Im happy.

COOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can under stand that thinking Cherry !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Joie B. from S.E. Pa. USA !!!